FRESH MUSIC FRIDAYS A new artist making his debut here on Power 99, Tyler the Creator! Here is his hit single “Earfquake”

MUSIC YOU SHOULD KNOW Katy Perry is back and we couldn’t be more excited!  She is this week highlight artist. Here’s her new song “Never really over”

YOUR WEB EXCLUSIVE: SLAM IT OR JAM IT So here is where we give you a new hit from your favorite artists and you tell us whether you feeling it or not! SLAM IT OR JAM IT This week’s exclusive pick is: Bad Bunny “Callaita” which translates to “Quiet” Check it out right here

FRESH MUSIC FRIDAYS! Ahhh yes, Friday, our favorite time if the week. Not only because its Friday but because its when we give you all the newest music of the week. This week’s feature hit is Ed Sheeran and Chance the Rapper with their collab “Cross me’ We always bring you the freshest music

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