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MUSIC YOU SHOULD KNOW Jon Bellion and Illenium’s new hit “Good things fall apart” is this week’s new music highlight! You heard it here first!

NEW MUSIC FROM TAYLOR SWIFT! Taylor Swift back on the scene, things are looking good for her. Not only did her and Katy Perry are friends again after a five year feud. Taylor is back with  nee single “You need to calm down”! See if you can spot the many cameos! You heard it here […]

WHAT’S TRENDING Katy Perry and Taylor Swift finally made up after five years! Yay! They made up over a plate of cookies and shared it with their IG fans. Katy Perry quoted ‘peace at last.” https://www.rte.ie/entertainment/2019/0612/1054877-katy-perry-and-taylor-swift-end-feud-feels-good/

MUSIC YOU SHOULD KNOW: BLACK EYED PEAS Bringing you fresh new music every week! This week’s featured artist is Black Eyed Peas with their new hit “Be nice”! Remember where you heard it first. only on Power 99!

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