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FRESH MUSIC FRIDAYS  Bringing you the freshest music every Friday! We¬† got the latest music for ya to help kick off your weekend! This week’s feature is NF “Time”

MUSIC YOU SHOULD KNOW If you’re looking for fresh new music you can find it right here every Wednesday, with “MUSIC YOU SHOULD KNOW” ! Bringing you new music every week! This week’s feature is The Band Perry with “The good life”

WORLD PREMIERE OF “THE LION KING” Of course we all know Beyonce has to do it BIG and glamorous or not at all. Well she did just that! Chaexk out her stunning dress at the special screening!

WHAT’S TRENDING Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are being spotted out and about, grabbing breakfast. The rumored couple are appearing to be getting really close. They didn’t confirm the rumor, Mendes says “its not what it looks like.” Contrary to what he says, they were spotted sharing a kiss. Check out the article below:

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