Month: May 2019

FRESH MUSIC FRIDAYS! Ahhh yes, Friday, our favorite time if the week. Not only because its Friday but because its when we give you all the newest music of the week. This week’s feature hit is Ed Sheeran and Chance the Rapper with their collab “Cross me’ We always bring you the freshest music

WHAT’S TRENDING Mandy More was seeking new adventure, so she decided to take part in climbing Mount Everest! She said it was a wave emotion and went on to tribute those who went before her. Check out the full article:

WHAT’S TRENDING Bieber is expanding his horizons, he’s launching a new plant based deodorant. “Here and now” will be released later this fall. He took part in creating the design and scent!

FRESH NEW MUSIC: LIZZO A Michigan native, Lizzo is a singer, rapper and songwriter. She was signed to Atlantic records right before releasing her third album “Cuz I love you” this year ! Here is her new single “Truth hurts”

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